Every little helps: Help the victims of typhoon Sendong in the Philippines


With the recent devastating news from the Philippines about typhoon Sendong , I can’t help but remember the time when tropical storm Ondoy (known internationally as typhoon Ketsana) hit Manila and nearby places last September 26, 2009.

It is not easy to rebuild a house or replace material things with a new one but most of all, it is not easy to lift the spirits of those who are affected by such tragic event. I know that for a fact. What kept me and my family (and I guess those who were affected as well) living our lives were the outpouring help and support that we got from our loved ones, friends, and even strangers who were not affected by that typhoon.

We just need to believe that God will never ever leave us no matter how grave the situation is and will be. We need to believe that there are still people who are genuinely good and will extend their help in times of trouble. And we need to believe that in our own little ways, we too can be of help. No matter what you give, every little hing helps.

This might be my little way of extending my help. I may not have a lot of followers but maybe by sharing this, someone can pass it on..

Click mylittleways so you can look at the list on how you can send your donations.

For people who are not in the Philippines, I think the easiest way is to donate through the Philippine National Red Cross. Your donations will be paid through PayPal.

It doesn’t matter how little or huge your donations will be. What is important is that it comes from your heart.



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